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1.You are able to transfer your entry to anyone else with no charge up to 11 January 2014.  After that, any transfers will incur a HK$100 administration fee.  

2.If you cannot find anyone to replace you and would prefer a refund of your entry fee we are able to provide a 50% refund if you advise us by email anytime before 11 Janauary 2014.  No refund will be provided for request of cancellations after 11 January 2014.

3.In no circumstance will refund the charity donation.



2.若無法覓得替代人選,而欲獲得退還報名費,請於2014年1月11日之前以電郵通知主辦機構,可獲半數退還報名費。若於2014年1月11日之後才 作出退出比賽的通知,將不獲退還報名費。

3. 慈善捐款在任何情況下均不可退回。



1) Make checks payable to “Xtraventure Training and Events Limited” and mailed together with the entry form to G.P.O. Box 7558, Central, Hong Kong.

2) Make bank transfer to Bank of China account number: 012-735-1-024648-6. Send the receipt with the entry form back to “Xtraventure Training and Events Limited” either by:

a. Mail to G.P.O. Box 7558, Central, Hong Kong;

b. Fax to 2791 9300; or

c. Email to

Letter of confirmation will send to participants by email if application succeeds.

1.) 支票付款: 使用劃線支票,抬頭請寫「創極培訓及項目管理有限公司」,連同報名表格寄至香港郵政總局郵箱7558號。

2)  銀行轉帳:直接轉帳到中國銀行帳號: 012-735-1-024648-6,


a. 郵寄回香港郵政總局郵箱7558號

b. 傳真至: 2791 9300

c. 電郵至:


Each participant must donate HK$150 to enter this race.

Methods of Payment:

1) Cheques should be made payable to “Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association Limited”.

2) ATM transfer into Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association’s account:  Bank of China account number: 012-874-1-103968-7.

In order to make sure that the donation will go directly to the beneficiary organization, Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association, please send TWO separate cheques for Entry Fee and Charity Donation; or bank in separately to organizer’s and beneficiary organization’s account. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please send all the cheques / receipts with the entry form back to “Xtraventure Training and Events Limited”.

Receipts for donation will be issued by “Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association” and posted to the address stated on the entry form within 45 days after the 2nd stage. It can be used for tax deduction. Except otherwise stated, the recipient will be the name of participant.

每位參加者必須捐出港幣150 元。


1) 使用劃線支票,抬頭請寫「香港移植運動協會有限公司」。

2) 在銀行自動櫃員機轉帳到香港移植運動協會之銀行户口:中國銀行帳號: 012-874-1-103968-7。

為確保慈善捐款直接捐給受惠機構「香港移植運動協會」,請分開兩張支票支付報名費及慈善捐款,或分別轉帳至主辦機構及受惠機構之銀行户 口。不便之處,敬請原諒。

請將全部支票 / 銀行收據連同報名表格發送至「創極培訓及項目管理有限公司」。

參加者之善款收據將由「香港移植運動協會」開出,並於第二階段比賽後45天內寄回報名表上所填寫之地址。此收據可作扣稅用途。 除特別註明外,收據抬頭將寫上參加者之姓名。

Methods of Payment 付款方式

Charity Donation 慈善捐款

Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds 轉名、取消及退還報名費


Entry form of HK Top 10


Entry 報名

Entry Form 報名表

Entry Fee 報名費

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