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Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association (HKTSA) is a registered as a non-profit organization.

Its members are the people who have undergone major organ transplantation, organ donors (and their families), health care staff, and the people or organizations who are interested in or concerned about organ transplantation.

Vision and Mission

The mission of HKTSA is to promote and organize different sport activities for the people who have undergone organ transplantation in order to develop their potential, and to provide a more positive and optimistic view towards their life. HKTSA also develops different programmes to make the general public to be more aware about organ donation.


1. To enhance the physical and mental development by organizing various types of sport activities.

2. To assist the members to find different resources for sports.
3. To pay respect to organ donors and their families by organizing activities and getting good responses.

4. To draw the attention of the public towards organ donation.
5. To form a platform for associating the people and organizations about organ transplantation.




本會的使命是發展、推廣及組織曾經接受器官移植人士參與體育活動;務求令其再展潛能,更積極和樂觀地面對人生。亦藉此向大眾宣揚器官捐贈之訊息及器官移植 的知識。


1. 透過組織各項體育活動,以增進其體能及身心的發展。

2. 協助會員尋找體育活動的資源。

3. 籍活動和比賽的成果向器官捐贈者及其家屬致敬。

4. 引起社會大眾對器官捐贈的關注。

5. 作為聯繫各有關器官移植人士和機構的平台。

蔡心怡-蘇佩儀訪問片段 (東張西望)

18屆世界移植運動會 (精華片段)



HKTSA 香港移植運動會