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The course will be marked with RED colour directional arrows and ribbons.  At junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction of the route as well as ribbons along the correct route.  


Each water stations will offer water, snacks and banana. First aid service will be available at all water stations. Each water will have a cut-off time which is set for the safety of the participants.  If participants are unable to arrive at the water points at the designated time, the unfinished part will be cancelled. Cut-off time of each Water Station is shown in the following stage information.

Apart from the Water Stations, there will be race officials staying at the top of all the peaks along the race course as the race checkpoints. Participants need to reach all the  checkpoints and check in with the checkpoint officials.

各水站均會提供飲用水、小食和香蕉。水站並會提供急救服務。為參加者安全起見,各水站均設有關閉時間,如參加者未能於水站關閉時間前到 達,將被終止繼續餘下之賽事。各水站關閉時間在各階段賽事資料中詳細列出。


Date︰                   25 January 2014

Start︰                   Pak Mon

Finish:                Ngong Ping

Start Time:           9:00am

日期︰         2014年1月25日

起點︰         白芒

終點︰         昂平

開賽時間:     上午9:00

Details 路線詳情

Date︰                   26 January 2014

Start︰                   Rotary Park, Tsuen Kam Au

Finish︰                Rotary Park, Tsuen Kam Au

Start Time:           10:00am

日期︰         2014年1月26日

起點︰         荃錦凹扶輪公園

終點︰         荃錦凹扶輪公園

開賽時間:     上午10:00

Details 路線詳情

Route Info 賽事路線

Course Markings 賽道標示記號

Water Station 水站

1st Day Race 第一日賽事

2nd Day Race 第二日賽事