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Some parts of the race course is rocky, uneven and steep.  Take great care at all times and never overtake unless it is safe to do so.  Give way to participants who are moving more quickly than you.  Encourage one another and look out for each other’s safety and well-being.  Be particularly careful to drink enough and carry enough fluid.

Preparation before Race

  1. The organizer highly recommends participants to start exercising 2 months before the event, so as to obtain the best result.
  2. A short jogging everyday can strengthen fitness and endurance.
  3. Sufficient sleep
  4. Be careful on daily intake
  5. Trimming nails of toes 1 week before the race, so as to minimize the chance of injury when going downhill.

Inclement Weather / Conditions Warnings

  1. If Typhoon Signal No.3 or above or Red/Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted at any time from 6:00am on the event day, the event will be re-scheduled.
  1. Should the above Inclement Weather / Condition Warnings be raised after the commencement of the event, the Event Director has the right to change the course distance or arrangement or to stop the event. If the event is being stopped, the event will be either be cancelled or re-scheduled.
  2. If the above Inclement Weather / Condition Warnings be raised again on supplementary event day, the event will be cancelled without any more rescheduled event and the event entry fees will not be refunded.
  3. Please check the weather from the Hong Kong Observatory (Tel: 1878200) on the event day.

部份賽道崎嶇不平、陡斜險要的路段。參加者任何時候均應格外小,越 過其他參加者之前必須確保安全。遇上速度比自己快的參加者,應予讓 路。參加者沿途應互相鼓勵,為其他參加者的安全著想。參加者補充足 夠水分,對保障個人安全至為重要。








1.如於活動當日零晨六時懸掛紅色或黑色暴雨,雷暴或三號颱風警告賽 事將延期舉行。

2.如活動進行中天氣惡劣或懸掛上述任何警告,活動總監有權將活動賽 程改變或取消正在進行中的活動。

3.如後補活動當天再度天氣惡劣或懸掛上述任何警告,是項活動將取消 而不再後補活動及報名費用不會退回。

4.請在活動早上致電香港天台查詢有關天氣情況。 (電話: 1878200)

Safety 安全指引